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The Best of Both Worlds and stay connected.

Watch All Your TV From Home, Anywhere You Go

DISH makes it easy for you to stream TV online so you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and DVR content no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking to watch movies online, watch On Demand or watch live TV on your phone, with DISH, you can do it all.

 Stream: Get access to love 320 Live TV channels on all your devices

 Anywhere: It’s easy to take your sports, movies, and entertainment with you anywhere

 1000+ Shows: You will have access to thousands of hours of entertainments 

 Movie Packages: Action packed pacakages give you the best movies

Lovers accessing the internet with their tablet and Dish Network

Ultimate Access – Anywhere, Anytime.

Harness the power of DISH on your tablet or smartphone! By installing the exclusive DISH Anywhere app on an iOS or Android device, subscribers with a Hopper or other Sling-enabled DVR can easily live-stream their favorite programming over the Internet. You’ll never miss a second of live sports or the latest hit series.

It has never been easy to access entertainment. DISH Anywhere doesn’t just deliver live TV, it gives you complete access to your entire movie collection. Think of it as a Hopper in your pocket — you can watch all of your recorded programs as well access the entire DISH On Demand library from your mobile device. 

Have you ever wanted to record a show, but you weren’t at home to program the DVR? DISH Anywhere solves this problem by giving you the power of one-touch recording from your mobile device. Schedule recordings, adjust recording schedules, delete already-watched shows — you can do it all online with DISH Anywhere!

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Streaming TV on The Go

Stream more than 320 TV channels to your TV, computer, tablet and smartphone with a variety TV packages! Get access to live sports, your favorite movies and TV shows, and all of your DVR content, whenever and wherever you want! With DISH Network, streaming never sounded so good!

Enjoy the moments with love ones by accessing the Dish Network

Stream live sports, movies, and more

DISH takes TV streaming to a whole new level with DISH Anywhere! DISH Anywhere lets you take your TV anywhere, giving you the ability stream live TV, all of your DVR content, and thousands of On Demand titles right to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Thousand of On-Demand Shows and Movies 

Get your favorite movies, series and more with 3 FREE months of Premium Movie Channels! Stream TV shows and movies to your TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone with HBOGO, Showtime Anytime and much more.

DISH Movie Pack

Get access to thousands of the hottest movies and TV shows, plus 15 movie channels, on TV, On Demand, and on-the-go with DISH Movie Pack! Stream movies and TV shows directly to your TV or mobile device, so you can watch what you want, when you want, only with DISH!

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How To Get DISH Anywhere?

Getting access to all your favorite shows, movies and live TV has never been easier! When you sign up for select DISH packages, you’ll receive a free DISH Hopper Upgrade, which gives you instant access to DISH Anywhere technology for free. Mobile TV never sounded so good!